Collection: Albatross Collection

100% of profits from this collection are donated to the Pacific Rim Conservation organization that works to protect seabird species including the albatross!


“Our main goal in the coming years is "no net loss" of bird habitat in Hawaii- you can read more about this on the project website To stem the loss of nesting habitat for seabirds, whose primary nesting islands in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands are being lost to sea level rise, we are creating new, safe nesting sites for them on high-islands by creating 'mainland islands'. Our two current flagship projects are the Nihoku Ecosystem Restoration Project at Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge on Kauai and the Albatross translocation project at James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge on Oahu. Both projects involve full-scale ecosystem restoration from predator proof fencing, to predator removal, habitat restoration and seabird translocation to restore the avifauna of the area.” - Pacific Rim Conservation