Australia Bushfire Relief

100% of the profits from this design will be donated to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. Donations will help with:
1. Planning a ward for flying foxes at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. Flying fox (or fruit bat) admissions have skyrocketed this fire season and the ward will allow us to care for more while they undergo treatment.
2. Designing a crèche for orphaned flying foxes, where they will learn how to be wild again before being released with a wild colony.
3. Sending medical supplies to wildlife rescuers and carers on the frontline of the fire-affected areas.
4. Putting together bat carer packs to be sent home with wildlife carers. These include bottles, milk formula and bat wraps.
5. Purchasing commercial food preparation equipment for wildlife care groups to cater for a huge number of patients.
6. Constructing a climate-controlled intensive care ward for our ever-growing number of koala patients.

All products are printed with water-based inks to eliminate chemical runoff, made using solar energy, and are polyester free.