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Reducing Plastic Waste

Plastic is everywhere in our lives, in our phones, our clothes, sheets, and even our food. It’s an ever-present constant that seems inescapable. Despite this, many are making the push to ditch many forms of plastic in an effort to help out the environment. I personally have lots of eco-friendly products that I use regularly, and can highly recommend as ways to reduce plastic use.

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Green New Year's Resolutions

With 2020 right around the corner, now is the time to plan out what you want to accomplish in the coming year! In addition to fitness, work, or relationship goals, take time this New Year to make some green goals. Sustainability is so important due to the many human activities that are wreaking havoc on the Earth such as plastic pollution and climate change. Even if you can only accomplish one of the goals mentioned below, you are still making a positive impact! 

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Sustainable Travel + Toiletries

When it comes to traveling, many of us struggle with finding toiletries that will 1) fit in our luggage and 2) be able to pass through security. Add sustainability into that list and your job just got ten times harder...or so you thought! On a recent trip to Little Cayman Island, I was tasked with finding travel toiletries that would last me a month, were plastic free, and wouldn't harm the environment as they ran off from our outdoor showers into the ocean. I was thoroughly surprised with the outcome of my search and hope these products will help you live a more eco-friendly and plastic free lifestyle!

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Review of Ocean Conservation Bracelets

As consumers, we have the power to give our support to companies working to help save our planet and producing sustainable products. I've always loved buying from companies with a mission to save our oceans such as Puravida, Cape Clasp, and 4ocean. While all of these companies are creating a positive change for our oceans, it's important as buyers to know the sustainability and impact of these products just like their cost and quality. 

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